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Before there was a Hillsdale, , in the 1800’s , Capitol Highway was a wagon road which connected Portland to Salem.  The surrounding area was dairy country, with wide open pastures.  In pre-pioneer days there were trappers and hunters who enjoyed an unobstructed view of the Tualatin Valley from this area.  Eventually, as the city of Portland grew, a suburb was developed in the 1950’s, named Hillsdale for…yup, the hilly terrain..Capitol Highway is it’s main thoroughfare, and defines its shopping area.   In 2010 Hillsdale was designated as a Main Street District by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as an Oregon “treasure. HIllsdale homes for sale are very quaint.

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The Hillsdale neighborhood of Portland is one of those lovely ecclectic pockets so often found in  Portland Oregon. Homeowners enjoy a sense of space and beauty while being a mere 15 minutes easy drive into downtown. You’ll sense immediately that you are connected with nature. When looking for Hillsdale homes for sale, you will search area code 97239 .  

Here is where you just might find those elusive one-level homes, Mid-Century Modern style, often untouched .  Since the area was developed later than the east  Portland,  architecture will reflect 50’s, through the 80’s.  Generally the lots are a bit bigger, giving plenty of room for gardening. Residents love the hilly contours which often provide views . The Hillsdale neighborhood is enhanced by a lovely little village offering wonderful shopping from vendors who have been in business here for often over 30 years.  You’ll love  neighborhood favorites : Baker and Spice (  bakery, neighborhood meeting place!), Gigi’s Cafe,  the Food-Coop grocery store, an  outdoor food court offering ecclectic international selections.  There is an old fashioned pharmacy.  You’ll also find  an excellent veterinarian, ice cream, eye care.  The anchor of the neighborhood is Paloma’s womens’ clothing. This neighborhood has a flavor all its own.

As you discover Portland, you’ll learn that  each little “hood” is like its own small town.  Hillsdale is unique with its proximity to downtown, the Pearl, and nightlife only minutes away.  You’ll experience a very active homeowner and business community spirit, enhanced by the business association annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.  There is wonderful hiking here, in and around neighborhoods, supported by the local Southwestern Trails Group.  If you crave a little more land than you can find in North Portland, if you love to grow your own vegetables, need a little bit more space and want to spend a little less money than on the east side of the river, Hillsdale might be just the right place.  For more information, there is a wonderful little book by local author Laura Foster entitled Roaming Hillsdale…worth the read!


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