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An upscale neighborhood, Forest Heights real estate is located in the west hills of Portland, OR. Homes for sale in Forest Heights entwine in and around these beautiful, lush slopes. Downtown Portland is only 10 minutes giving easy access to the city’s core shopping, eclectic dining and entertainment. The luxury of living in this community is the variety of architecture and various amenities catering to many interests.

Details On Forest Heights Real Estate and Lifestyle

Forest Heights real estateForest Heights Real Estate Forest Heights real estate consists of about 1,126 single family homes. There are also about 13 subdivisions made up of 676 town homes and condos, 160 apartment units and a small retail center. Seventeen unique neighborhoods make up Forest Heights. About 6,000 residents live in the secluded community of Forest Heights.

The spectrum of styles is refreshing and extensive. You’ll find old Portland-style homes, bungalows, twentieth-century architecture, Cape Cod, Mediterranean Villas, English Tudor, Brownstones, Craftsman bungalows, traditional Colonials and Victorians. Many of these homes offer views of the Coast Range. Home sizes can range between 2,000 square feet to over 6,000 square feet. With this large a range in home sizes, there is also a large range in home prices. Home price can range from about $350,000 to about $2,000,000.

And like most of Portland just about everywhere can be reached walking, biking or driving and via public transportation. Portland real estate might be the most walking, biking, and public transit friendly community on the West Coast. Most neighborhoods have walkable food cart pods, supermarkets, movie theaters and cafes.

Forest Heights real estate also operates a private shuttle bus service Monday through Friday during peak commuting hours. The shuttle transports Forest Heights residents to the Sunset Transit Station where they can then board Portland’s TriMet system which includes trains heading east to Portland or west to Hillsboro. Passengers can also board buses which take north and south routes.

Forest Heights real estate is maintained through the Forest Heights HOA. This entails landscaping of 200 acres of common area, 11 acres of improved common area, 6 miles of private walking trails including 27 trail heads, a private pond, park and playground, 11 entrance monuments, one community fountain and the maintenance of several private streets.

Close by is beautiful Forest Park and some of the best hiking and recreation in the area. Here you’ll find a play area with playgrounds as well as walking paths. Forest Heights real estate is a great place to reside due to its close proximity to city conveniences, yet nearness to lush natural surroundings.

If you’re interested in learning more about Forest Heights homes for sale or any other Portland real estate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to area expert Joanne Sterling at 503-919-0346 or by email at JoanneSterling1@Gmail.com.

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